Terms of Use

All the content and designs at 4tone.org are licensed as one of:

  • Public Domain
    • documents
    • chanter reeds

  • Creative Commons License (with attribution)
    • drone reeds
    • bagpipes and accessories
    • chanters
    • documents
    • electronic designs

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
  • GPLv3
    • software

GPL v3

What it all means is
  • All of the designs are available for personal use
  • Most designs can be used commercially, with attribution
  • chanter reed designs can be used commercially with no restrictions.
  • generally, software can be used commercially provided the entire product sold is also released under a GPLv3 license.
Designs used commercially should be clearly attributed to "4tone.org" or to "Tim Malcolm." Here are some suggested attribution phrases:
  • "a 4tone.org design"
  • "4tone.org dimensions"
  • "derived from a 4tone.org design"
  • "derived from 4tone.org dimensions"
For example, here's a possible product listing from a pipemaker selling a GHB made or derived from dimensions published here:

"GHB Model ABW-1a: African Blackwood, Alt. Ivory ferrules, mounts and caps, fully combed and beaded, 4tone.org dimensions."