Chanters and Drones

Practice Chanter in Bb 

Standard Highland Practice Chanter, tuned to Bb. This PC has a rich tone, with plenty of volume. Top and bottom hand are well balanced. Tone hole spacing is typical of a pipe chanter. The design is free for non-commercial use.
Tuning Charts
SSP Chanter tuning charts for keys of A, Bb, C and D.

Chanter in 'A'
Dimensions for a Small Pipe Chanter in 'A.'

GHB Chanter
Still working on it :)

GHB drones
The dimensions are done, made and verified many times over, but I haven't written them up yet ....

GHB drones (concert pitch)
A brief write up of dimensions for a concert pitch set of GHB drones. I took theses over to the to CE Kron workshop where the opinion was 'nice sounding drones, but a bit quiet.'