4tone.org and Open Source bagpipes

"Open Source" bagpipe design is an unusual concept. In fact, it's completely unheard of for a pipemaker to give away production designs and dimensions!

So .... why?

In a nutshell, 4tone.org is here to promote pipemaking by sharing designs, dimensions and knowledge. Any moderately skilled woodturner is capable of making a quality bagpipe, practice chanter and reeds. By faithfully reproducing designs found at 4tone.org, the aspiring pipemakers can create a proven product, first time and every time. 

There are no financial restrictions on any of content at 4tone.org. Everything is royalty free for personal use.

Sharing these designs and knowledge is  a personal contribution to the rich history and tradition of pipemaking.

Hopefully, the content found at 4tone.org enable and encourage other craftsmen to make and sell bagpipes, and that's a good thing for the pipe communities as a whole.

Best Wishes and Happy Pipemaking!

Tim Malcolm